BioPicAbout the Artist

Drawing from the time she could hold a crayon, Donna Welsh has has been an artist all of her life. Painting is in her blood ~ and in her hair ~ and under her nails. Largely self-taught, she received her formal training at York Academy of Arts, studying both commercial and fine art. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Albright College and is certified in several modalities in the Natural Health field.

She has taught adult classes in drawing and painting for over forty years, and currently facilitates therapeutic art classes for adults with severe mental illness and advanced dementia as well as zoom painting classes for the Office of Aging via their Virtual Senior Center. Dividing her time among her art, natural health interests and her family, she currently resides in what she likes to call her Hobbit House in Pennsylvania.

Artist’s Statement

 I am a multi-media artist, living and working in a small town in Lancaster County amidst the beautiful farmlands of Pennsylvania.

I engage in my art with my whole being, the delicate and pungent aromas, the feel of the paint, soft and yielding or stiff and resistant, the weight of objects to be added. The entire process becomes a meditative one. Art can speak to the spirit.

My work represents the extraordinary within the ordinary and often, my paintings will invite the viewer inside them, perhaps to wander the twists and turns of life’s journeys, and exploring paths and portals. I see imperfection as a natural part of life and sometimes deliberately place flaws to speak to that. I like to embrace essence and my abstracts frequently have a mysterious nature. I believe in recycling and re-purposing and will often do so with materials. As a lover of puzzles, mystery and intrigue, I am fond of bringing it into my work. Look for flaws. Look for puzzles. Sometimes you will find them!