The Mandala Sojourn Project


Welcome to the Mandala Sojourn Project!

This is an ongoing project that benefits resources in the fight against pediatric cancer. Current recipients include the Get Well Gabby Foundation and The Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation.

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My interest in mandalas has been a long one. Drawing them for my own meditative purposes for years, I started to digitally manipulate photographs into mandalas and loved the process. Taking apart a photo and twisting and turning and putting it back together was very rewarding, and often brought out an essence hiding in the original photo. As I followed the blog of the father of a little girl as she struggled in vain with brain cancer, I began the Mandala Sojourn Project, and now donate a portion of all my mandala sales to help fund research to fight pediatric cancer. If a parent has lost a child to cancer, I will create a memory blessing mandala from their photo for them free of charge.

Our prints are for sale in a variety of sizes, printed either on professional photographic paper with archival inks, or on stretched canvas. See all of our current offerings by clicking on  Mandala Sojourn Project picture at the top.

The hearts and the angels and the dragonflies just appeared in the last iterations of the mandalas below. Sometimes it takes my breath away because I never know what the end result will be.

20% of profits from ALL mandala sales goes to help fund the fight against pediatric cancer.

Mandala prints are available on my Etsy site.

This mandala is entitled “Spirit of Love” and is in honor of Jedediah Thomas Smith, who became an angel in January of 2010.
This mandala image is titled “Believe!” and is in honor of Gabriella Vogel, who became an angel in September of 2011.

We also will happily create personal mandalas from your photograph.
For a personal portrait mandala, a house or pet blessing, a family blessing or a memory blessing.
Charming pieces capture the spirit of the photograph in a lovely work of art, for gifts or for yourself.
Please use the Contact link above to inquire about personal creations.

If you have lost a child to cancer, I will create a memory blessing from your child’s photograph for you, free of charge.
Please use the contact link above for more information.

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