Accidental Inspiration

Donna Welsh, Inspiration in Flight. Digital Photograph. ©2008

I can’t say that I stretch, or reach, looking for ideas. They are always there, often interrupting my thoughts like a persistent child, sometimes waking me in the middle of the night. Frequently they keep me up till all hours of the night and then awaken me again in early morning, when I have finally gotten to sleep. They even change their minds about things when I am in the middle of my work, and though I always have plenty of ideas, they do not always count as inspiration.

Often, these ideas need inspiration and formulation and so I put myself in wonder mode.  I may meditate to call forth the muses. I may wander, trying to be acutley aware of all that surrounds me. Sometimes, though, the muses come to me unbidden. When this happens, if I pay attention, I am always rewarded.

As I was out last evening, having a light meal before venturing to galleries to look at art for dessert, I saw two lovely women, engaged in conversation not more than ten feet from where I was sitting. Although I didn’t hear anything they said, their mannerisms, the tilting of their heads and the animation in their eyes was charming, and spoke to me. I want to paint them. I want to see if I can portray the beauty I saw. I asked them, and I hope they will let me. Stay tuned.

What inspires you?