I had some advice once to write down all my accomplishments at the end of the day. I knew at that moment that this person was not speaking from a perspective with which I at all connected. I didn’t need one more thing to do at the end of the day. I had enough to do just figuring out what I was going to do the NEXT day.

If you are a creative person, chances are that you always have too much to do. Chances are that you have created that scenario for yourself. You gave yourself those tasks. You created them, because creating is what you do. It may be time to look at it all from a new perspective…only make a list of things you actually want to accomplish.

If you are like me, thoughts abound, and sometimes come rapid-fire in groups. Keep a separate list of these thoughts. They all don’t have to make it to the task list. I keep a master list for anything I think might be noteworthy, then pull from there for my daily task assignments.

Only giving yourself a workload that you can actually acheive gives you a greater sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. If you find you are not getting it all done, either there was a legitimate interruptor and you may have to move one or two things to the next day, orrrr you are giving yourself yoo much and setting unrealistic expectations.

How do you handle your workload?


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