And There Was Resonance

Resonance Detail. Fractal Drawing. Donna Welsh ©2012

Sometimes there is a shift.  It may be a coming together of perfect nourishment and clearness of mind, or it may just be a happy accident, but it’s that moment when every cell of your being is so alive that you can almost feel each one; when just the simple pleasure of being alive can bring tears of happiness, and you feel like you are in perfect tune with the universe.

Do you know how when you are tuning a stringed instrument and you pluck a string to match a note, and if the note matches, you can mute the initially plucked string and the matching one resonates all on its own? It does so because it is in perfect tune with the first.  That’s how it is.  You may not know to which note you are resonating, but if it is right, you will have unspeakable joy.

May you have resonance!

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