As a voracious reader, I usually have at least three books going at one time. One paper, one audio, one kindle (and often a few on kindle at a time). This is in addition to the periodicals, newspapers, blogs I follow, and cereal boxes.

My goal last year was 30 books, and I fell somewhat short. I’ll keep the same goal of 30 this year, a modest one compared to the reading statistics of some I know. I like to savor, though, and often will go back and read the same passage a few times just because the words please me so.

I thought discussion would be fun. Aside from the book club at the library, there are not many in my circle that like to dissect literature, plus this is a good way for me to keep track ( I tend to misplace my many lists).

So feel free to comment on any of the books I list, or suggest some good books that you have read.

The list is found on the 2012 Reading List page.

Okay, go!



You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

                                                                                                ~ Maya Angelou